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Mas Bands

Masquerader "Mas" Bands and Other Groups (Competitive Commercial Costumed Bands; Non-Competitive Commercial Costumed Bands; Non-Commercial Costumed Bands; Non-Commercial (Non-charity Registered) Costumed Bands ; Non-Commercial (Charity-registered) Costumed Bands ; Steel Bands; Guest Bands; Non-commercial, non-competitive costume group- Small Group ; Dance Troupe; Non-Competitive Costumed Individual; Float).


Steel Bands

Ontario Steelpan Association is the culmination of an initiative by avid steelpan enthusiasts to promote and preserve their musical art-form in Canada through an umbrella organization.



The Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes (OCPA) was founded in 1981 by community-oriented individuals who saw the need for an umbrella group to guide the growth and development of the Calypso art form in Toronto and Canada. The founding members recognized the power of Calypso to educate and entertain, to help people learn about their history, their present, their country and the world.