The Toronto Caribbean Carnival Presents Beyond The Mas


TORONTO, ON, May 18 – The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is pleased to introduce an exciting new event to the 2019 festival lineup – Beyond The Mas. Take a step back in time to experience the magic of ole masquerade at the Riviera Banquet Hall on July 26th, 2019.

This year, Beyond The Mas will replace the Carnival Gala to bring a new and exciting twist to the festival lineup, its a cultural celebration showcasing the artistic creativity of traditional carnival satire through masquerade.

The inaugural event will be filled with dance, entertainment, and music featuring performances by Hummingbird Tassa Drummers, an Indo-Caribbean ensemble and Cajuca Mas Arts, a costume design group specializing in traditional masquerade characters.

Get ready to dance the night away with the sounds of DJ inVINCEable, Ossie Gurley and the Truth, an award-winning producer with hit songs “Who Let the Dogs Out” and Nigel Lewis “Follow the Leader.”

Be dazzled by a show of intricately designed costumes – old, new, and unexpected. Attendees can design or purchase their own costumes as a throwback to ole masquerade. Special prizes will be presented throughout the evening for the best costume designs.

Tickets are on sale now for CAD $150.00, please visit for more information, or call the Festival Management Committee Office at 416-391-5608.

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