Supported Charities


The Children’s Breakfast Club

Masquerader "The Children’s Breakfast Club, which has collaborated with the festival and supporting initiatives across the GTA including providing scholarships to students attending Seneca College over the past 11 years Rick Gosling has spearheaded a number of efforts over the years in partnership with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service. Each morning, the Children’s Breakfast Clubs provide hot culturally reflective meals to over 5,000 children right in their own schools.

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The Caribbean Children’s Foundation

The Caribbean Children’s Foundation, led by president Jay Brijpaul, assists their ‘angels’ in getting necessary surgeries at the Hospital for Sick Kids. Twelve years ago, a group of concerned members of the community got together in response to a plea by the parents to save the life of their daughter. The surgery, which was unavailable in their country, would have cost tens of thousands of dollars in because they were not citizens or permanent residents of Canada. The money was raised, the life-saving surgery was performed, and the TCCF was formed.

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SickKids Foundation – Caribbean Initiative

In the Caribbean, children with cancer and serious blood disorders often face a poorer chance of survival. Due to a lack of health-care professionals with specialized training, limited technology, sparse data on disease outcomes, and unique geopolitical challenges, many patients are currently not able to receive the life-saving care they desperately need.

SickKids is one of the world’s top children’s hospitals and is committed to building health-care capacity in other countries through the SickKids Centre for Global Child Health. As a child health leader, SickKids has the know-how and the track record of successful partnerships to deliver the best possible care to patients everywhere. Over the past four and a half years, SickKids has been working together with seven local partners in six Caribbean countries to improve the capacity to diagnose and care for children in the region.

Your support for the SickKids-Caribbean Initiative (SCI) will allow SickKids and our Caribbean partners to close the gap in survival rates and improve health outcomes for children living in the Caribbean with paediatric cancer and blood disorders.

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Sickle Awareness Group of Ontario (SCAGO)

Sickle Awareness Group of Ontario (SCAGO) started in 2005 in memory of a brave young man- Sunday Afolabi. SCAGO continues to contribute to the health and wellbeing of many Canadians by continuing to educate them about Sickle Cell Anemia and impact of the disease. Their slogan ‘Educating for Life’ reflects their efforts.Sickle Cell Disease is on the rise. It is a deadly disease Please support Research and Awareness.

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